GIFT Online Session - Giving Meaningful Feedback to Students

Providing students with timely feedback is important for student learning. How do you make sure the feedback you provide helps your students improve and does not merely insult them? How can you provide feedback quickly and efficiently? In this interactive online session, we’ll discuss answers to these questions and to any other questions about feedback that participants raise. To participate in this GIFT Online Session, go to at 7:30pm on Tuesday, August 14.



Tuesday, August 14 at 7:30pm

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Catherine Myers

Catherine Myers 8/16/2018

Students need that constant changing source of information, this event will offer that to them.

Amelia Parkin

Amelia Parkin 8/9/2018

I think it's better to ask the students themselves. In the meantime, it's worth letting them relax and layer the magic show in Las Vegas, for example. All questions about training since the beginning of the school year.

Jesus Clay

Jesus Clay 8/6/2018

You made this event awesome with your great skills.

Heather Rosado

Heather Rosado 8/6/2018

GIFT Online Session event will help us for best way, we should think about suck kind thing because of this we can tuch with our friend arround the world. good news .

Rick Graham

Rick Graham 8/1/2018

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24 H Write My Essay 7/30/2018

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JrmTech Ankur 7/23/2018

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